Maximize your IT investments with skill transformation bootcamps.

Raise the digital IQ of your workforce in just 5 days through immersive bootcamps in Azure AI.


Build in-demand artificial intelligence skills with expert-led training to kickstart or advance your career - on premise and online.


Scale your digital transformation initiatives by accelerating the digital talent of your workforce with intensive learning experience.

Program Overview

Enabling the digital workforce of the future?

Our uniquely designed Microsoft Azure AI bootcamps are intended to provide a ground level introduction to the Microsoft Cloud AI platform for individuals who want to get started developing applications using elements of Microsoft AI ecosystem. The program ranges from 2 to 5 days based on requirement and participants get exposure to an array of services and APIs needed for AI development, incorporating aspects of computer vision, speech and language, Bot and machine learning.

Equip your team with futuristic skills through our Azure AI bootcamps dedicated to the host of Microsoft Cognitive Services training modules.


What you will learn in 5 days

Language understanding Intelligent Service
  • Create and work with your own Azure-based Data Science Virtual Machine
  • Create and configure Azure Services for use on the web
  • Create applications for facial, emotion and landmark recognition using Azure and Cognitive Services
  • Implement your own full-text, language aware search service using the Azure Search Component
  • Create, test and deploy AI-powered ChatBots across multiple communication channels
  • Leverage natural language processing capability using LUIS, Cortana and QnA
  • Implement advanced Machine Learning models using Azure Machine Learning Studio and ML Workbench
  • Build an Intelligent bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework (LOUIS)
  • Empower your applications with speech recognition and translation
  • Apply Deep Learning techniques for OCR, image recognition and classification and other uses

What is techocamp?

Reskilling to drive business success in the digital economy

Through rich and engaging learning experience, Techocamp is bringing IT education into the cognitive era.

Techocamp is a fast-paced skill transformation program aiming to empower organization to achieve their digital transformation need across value chain. We have envisioned the program to facilitate organizations to customize the learning path based on their business requirements and provide a rich and engaging learning experience. It consists of a blend of mentor lead learning, self-learning, and practical hands-on labs which reflects our philosophy: “Learn by Doing”. Participants get through a series of assessments to measure their transformation progress. The program is agile, metric driven and highly focused to customer success.

immersive bootcamps
Practical, efficient, and project-driven - Techocamp is the antidote to our broken education system and functions as a bridge to the future for your employees and your company.
Luv Tulsidas
CEO - Techolution

How It Works?

We transform your skills in three simple steps.







This is the place to transform. Now is the time to begin.

Take the first step. Let us know which courses excites you.

We will do the rest.

Cognitive Services

Build intelligent solutions incorporating Computer Vision, Image and Facial Recognition, OCR, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Text-to-Speech and Translation Services using Azure Services and the Cognitive Services Toolkit.


Build and deploy multi-channel, AI-enabled bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework. Learn how to combine chatbots with intelligent services for natural language processing, speech, translation and search services. Develop chatbots to enhance your customer service and overall service capability.

Data Science

Create, train, test and deploy predictive models based upon widely-used machine learning algorithms. Implement tools for data extraction, preparation, transformation and cleanup. Learn how to interpret predictive results. Create and deploy machine learning models as widely available web services.


Learn how to program in Python for Data Science and Machine Learning. Learn how to program in C# and Node.js to create advanced intelligent applications.

Machine learning

Use deep learning tools and techniques to create advanced applications for image and language processing. Learn how to apply machine learning algorithms for prediction and classification. Use reinforcement learning for adversarial learning and exploration.

Data Analytics

Learn to explore and visualize data using advanced tools like PowerBI. Build powerful, in-depth and compelling presentations.

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